5 schools in São Paulo that have already embraced the maker culture

The do-it-yourself revolution has come, little by little, to education. Bringing more innovation, creativity and autonomy to students, makerspaces are laboratories for creation and experimentation, gathering manual tools and machinery for digital manufacturing. .

Get to know five initiatives based on the maker culture adopted by schools in the state of São Paulo.

Centro Unificado de Educação (CEU) Pimentas - Guarulhos

Programming classes and experimental projects that mix technology and hands-on activities to stimulate learning. That’s how classes are designed at CEU Pimentas, a space designed to promote social and family interaction, contributing to the quality of education. The work is done in partnership with Fab Social program with resources from the Education Department of Guarulhos.

Projeto Âncora - Cotia

Projeto Âncora is a reference in different initiatives when it comes to entrepreneurship education. In the school, students learn through multidisciplinary projects. One of them resulted in the creation of a rainwater collector, developed by the students for eight months, as part of the research on the water crisis in São Paulo. For the construction of the equipment, students worked on concepts of physics, water geography, chemistry, mathematics and history.

Stance Dual - São Paulo

Fun Science is the name given to the extracurricular physics class taught for seven years at Stance Dual, focusing on experimentation. Between LED bulbs, electronics circuits and sensors, students are prepared to deal with their own mistakes, innovate and solve problems in a creative way.

Colégio Visconde de Porto Seguro - São Paulo

Students at Colégio Visconde de Porto Seguro have three makerspaces available at school in orden to learn by making. Among the tools available there are 3D printers, milling machine, notebooks and hand tools such as saws, hammers, wood chips and plastic. In there they make projects that combine different disciplines such as minicities made of Lego and arduino and bottle caps separators.

Laboratório de Educação Digital e Interativa (LEDI) - São José dos Campos

Open to municipal and community schools, Ledi was built with resources from Lemann Foundation with the aim of promoting free experimentation. The place offers activities to create content on digital educational such as games and applications to be used inside and outside the classroom. Among the equipment available for learning there are interactive blackboards, tablets and notebooks.

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