Evernote is a convenient app for those who have short memory. With it you can take notes quickly, make reminders and organize lists, ensuring that no compromise will be forgotten. Its features, however, go far beyond simple text notes and the app has shown to be a great tool for students.


Find out how to encourage students to use Evernote:


1- Organize notes

Evernote can be used not only in the mobile version, but also on laptops, desktops and tablets, making it easier to write longer text notes. After that, you can organize them into bookmarks – by subject or theme, for example. You can also create collaborative documents shared by different users.


2- Scan documents

Using the camera phone, you can scan and file documents on Evernote. All content becomes searchable after scanning by an Optical Character Recognition (OPR) process.


3- Recording audio

It is possible to record lessons, lectures and even audio interview. Users can also record audio reminders and personal insights.


4- PDF edition

Adding arrows, markers and highlighting text in PDF documents are some of the tools available that makes reading and studying easier.


5- To do list

Having a schedule is a great way to keep up with due dates of assignments, tests, and other appointments. You can also add alarms on your phone.


6- All in one

One of the biggest advantages of Evernote is the ability to centralize notes, reminders, study materials, screenshots and entire web pages in one place. All content can be accessed by the mobile app, in the web versions and even when there is no internet connection – to do this, just enable the offline version.

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