8 inspiring quotes from the International Seminar on Entrepreneurial Education - held by Sebrae Minas in 2017

1 – “Educators have a huge challenge in dealing with students who already have all the answers. There is much more information on Google than in school libraries. That’s why relationships inside and outside the classroom need to change” – Heloísa Menezes

2- “The conventional school no longer meets the needs of young people. School is the outside world. And entrepreneurial education is a possible alternative to the traditional model” – Anderson Cabido

3- “Schools are made of people, not buildings. Schools in Brazil, despite having excellent professionals, still belong to a model that has failed” – José Pacheco

4 – “Life is a roller coaster, not a fairy tale. We need to talk about the difficult times too, because that’s when people can create and overcome challenges” – Felipe Gómez

5- “Entrepreneurship is not a matter of thinking, but putting in practice. The entrepreneur must be, above all, an executor” – Carlos Arruda

6 – “Aristotle said that ‘educating the mind without educating the heart is not educating’. It is necessary to learn how to learn, to learn how to do, to learn how to live together and to learn how to be. It is important to pay attention to the whole, to the holistic development of people” – Mozart Neves.

7- “Today’s education aims to shape winners all the time. Entrepreneurial education, however, provides tools for the individual to reinvent himself “- Fábio Borges

8- “Teaching is mainly engagement. We need to change the way we face the learning process. Convening people together is a great way to create new networks and new ideas” – Andrew Zacharakis

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