Apreender: a platform to support the entrepreneur in education

Educators usually feel the need to innovate in the classroom daily routine. At the same time, education entrepreneurs have a hard time testing their business model because of the difficulty of approaching schools. This is the problem that the platform Apreender solves.

There are already many success examples. According to the Sociology Coordinator of the Education Department in the Region of Botucatu (Sâo Paulo – Brazil), Tânia Fetchir, innovation in school is necessary because the new generation seeks a life purpose, not just a job. It is fundamental to go beyond the teaching of subjects.

This is how it works: the startup registers an enterprising solution on the website. Educators, like Fetchir, sign up as reviewers of the projects and in that way the exchange of information begins. The coordinator learns beforehand about innovations such as Curriculum+, a platform that supports the use of the curriculum of the state education network.

On the other hand, startups who sign up have the opportunity to test the product and check the real possibilities to succeed. Apreender also offers other business services, such as content on the startup ecosystem and impact assessment.

For best use of the platform, there is also a workshop available on the website. Know more about it, clicking here!

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