BNCC: how to create school curricula suited to 21st-century challenges

The National Common Curricular Base (BNCC), announced by the Brazilian government in 2015 and foreseen in the National Education Plan (PNE), proposes that teachers and educators prepare the pedagogical project and the school curriculum based on ‘learning objectives’, both for primary and secondary education. The proposal, still under analysis, was elaborated by MEC with the participation of 116 specialists from 35 universities and teachers, students and educational leaders contribution through an online public consultation.

Among the changes to high school, for example, the proposal foresees that 1,800 hours are based on the National Base and the remaining 1,200 hours, offered according to the education itineraries proposed by each institution. The idea is that it should be possible to choose between a more in-depth education in one area or the branching among other areas of knowledge.

For educator Guiomar Namo de Mello, one of the biggest challenges that come with the BNCC is the developing curricula that, in fact, prepare students for the new job market. “The challenge is great and Brazil has little tradition in curriculum development. We have great curricula developers, but they are exceptions in a country with 2.5 million teachers, 200,000 schools, and 50 million students. We would have to have this expertise in curricular planning and management spread across Brazilian schools”, she explains.

According to Guiomar, the solution begins with an in-depth study of the BNCC, critical analysis of classroom performance from the National Base perspective and investment in training educators. “The teacher needs to be more entrepreneurial. If educators are not entrepreneurs, how will they form students with this profile?”, she asks.

In an interview with CER, Guiomar spoke about educating students for the new challenges of the labor market. Watch it below:

Click here to download the full BNCC material.

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