CER leads entrepreneurship to the agenda of the largest education event in Latin America

More than 20,000 people, including educators, managers and startups members and public authorities, participated, from 8 to 11 May, at Bett Educar, considered the largest education event in Latin America. Held in Sao Paulo, the event brought together seminars, workshops, forums for school managers and an exhibition area with more than 200 companies and 20 startups.

Sebrae was present with two stands – CER para Transformar and Sebrae Arena -, both with intense programming, focused on broadening the debate on entrepreneurial education. According to the Technical Director of Sebrae Heloísa Menezes, Bett Educar is a favorable environment to educate and make entrepreneurial education more present at all levels of education, in public and private schools. “We want to make a qualitative leap in the education of the future professionals, who may choose to pursue a career in a company or open their own business,” said Heloísa Menezes.

Sebrae stands

The lectures and workshops held in both of the Sebrae stands presented experiences on entrepreneurial education carried out around Brazil and offered tools for implementing initiatives related to the theme at all levels of education.

Topics such as social entrepreneurship, financial education, teacher training, developing an entrepreneurial mindset in students and maker-centered education were highlighted in the programming. The event brought together important guests such as Cláudio Moura, a specialist at the Positivo University and author of several books on education, Cláudia Costin, Director of Global Education at the World Bank and José Pacheco, a Portuguese educator and founder of Escola da Ponte, which proposes a totally disruptive model of education for 42 years and inspires educators and institutions to rethink the school.

About Bett Educar

This was the 25th edition of Bett Educar, an event that annually brings together about 20,000 people from the education community across Brazil, with the purpose of seeking inspiration, discussing the future of education and the role of technology and innovation in educators’ and students’ training. This year, the focus of the event was to discuss the common basic curriculum and secondary education reform, with content in four areas: learning, classroom practices, teacher training and management.

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