Chapecó has a new way to boost entrepreneurial education

The city of Chapecó, in Santa Catarina (Brazil), has gained new allies for strengthening entrepreneurial education: the programs Jovens Empreendedores Primeiros Passos (JEPP), for elementary students, and Despertar (Awakening), for high school students. They are part of Sebrae’s National Entrepreneurship Education Program (PNEE), and will benefit a total of 1,500 young people from eight schools in the city.


In elementary education, the focus of activities, which include theoretical and practical classes, is to develop students’ autonomy and important skills so that they manage their own lives in social, personal and professional areas. Students also participate in an entrepreneurship fair at the end of activities.


High school students create creative business plans and learn to deal with all the aspects involved in them, from opportunities to challenges. With that, students identify and develop entrepreneurial skills, essential to the job market.


To implement the programs, a total of 58 teachers received training from a Sebrae consultant.

To learn more about the PNEE, click here.


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