Picasso once said that all children are born artists, the problem is how to ensure they remain artists. The difference is that children are not afraid of making mistakes or taking risks, which cannot be said of adults. Having an education system that doesn’t permit mistakes is one of the biggest criticisms of the education and creativity specialist Ken Robinson.

Today “we manager education systems in a way that making a mistake is the worst thing that can happen. In other words, we are educating people to be less creative, given, if you’re not prepared to make a mistake, you will never have the chance to have an original idea”, he says in one of his most popular TED Talks.

Creating an environment in which the students are the protagonists and mistakes are seen as part of the learning process is one of the first steps to stimulating entrepreneurship education.

The educational system was created to meet the demands of the era of industrialization. As a result, the idea that subjects like mathematics are more useful for work compared to arts, for example, no longer makes sense.

When considering an increasingly entrepreneurial future, the capacity to build relationships, adapt to change, be comfortable in multidisciplinary teams and open to different cultures is important. “We therefore begin to educate the whole child, preparing them for the future”, says Robinson”.

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