Design Thinking: education based on problem-solving

The term ‘design’ is usually associated with graphic arts. It’s in magazines covers, advertisements, packages, and product labels. What not everyone knows is that design is, in essence, a tool to solve problems. According to the author of the book Design, Beat Scheinder, a design is the creative and systematic visualization of different objects and its fitting to the user’s necessities. In other words, is a manner to provide the best solution according to users interests and experiences.

This is the reason Design Thinking has become increasingly popular in innovation-driven companies and institutions in recent years. Design Thinking involves the visualization of ideas, prototyping, experimentation, and collaborative work. Add to these aspects the focus on customers and what you have is an ideal environment to flourish innovative ideas with strategic solutions to business.

Design Thinking in education

Imagine all that potential being used in education! Design Thinking has been used to create transformative practices for classrooms, offering meaningful experiences for students and teachers.

Due to its connection with innovation and creativity, the methodology has also become a great instrument for entrepreneurial education, helping students to learn while creating projects and solutions that start from real problems and needs.

Canal do Ensino experience

Canal do Ensino (Education Channel, in free translation) is one of the education solutions that was originated by Design Thinking. The portal gathers news and other resources related to education, offers free courses, public domain books, video classes, study tips, access to scholarships, content about the use of social media on education and other tools of educational technology.

The idea started with the founders willing to solve a problem: how to gather, in just one place, several relevant pieces of information about education, creating a complete reference guide to improve educational practice?

In the following interview, the co-founder of Canal do Ensino, JB Queiroz, explains the contribution of Design Thinking to education and the creation of the portal. Check it out:

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