Edools: it's easier to make your own online course

In 2016, 26% of all higher education students in Brazil studied through e-learning. The prediction is that the number rises up to 51% by 2023, according to a study by Sagah, a e-learning content developer.


When it comes to online classes, the platform is as important as the content. In addition to delivering content in a practical and effective way, promoting teacher-student interaction and feedback, it needs to be easy to update. That way, educators can spend more time planning and producing classes than dealing with content management, complicated tools, and other technology barriers.

One of the platforms available in the market is Edools. Considered the most complete and personalizable in Brazil, it offers solutions for various modalities of distance education, universities, corporate training and free courses.

Edools is divided into modules that take into account the key aspects of e-learning: content, communication, distribution, e-commerce, management, engagement and extension. Features include classroom management, support for different media, discussion forums and interaction tools, content access control, and marketing. Through the platform it is also possible to access strategic information on student participation and progress, and intensify the strategy for students’ engagement.

To learn more, visit about Edools’ website.

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