According to the World Economic Forum report, 65% of the jobs that people from Generation Z will work on in the future do not yet exist. In this context, entrepreneurship represents an important alternative to reinventing the job market, but the contribution of the entrepreneurial mentality to the 21st century youth goes far beyond business.

The psychotherapist and specialist in educational psychology Leo Fraiman defends a new model of education, in which young people are instigated to think about their life projects, and not only about their profession, through an entrepreneurial attitude. Leo has founded the OPEE Methodology, which offers schools content and teaching material to transform students into active citizens in the world and in their own lives. “In order to have a life project, we must break with the mechanistic and utilitarian idea that we have to work with something to make money. We must cultivate in children and young people the idea that we can all contribute to something to the world. We must add value”, he explains.

In an interview with the CER, Leo Fraiman talked about the importance of education based on life projects and the challenges faced by contemporary educators. Check it out:




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