Entrepreneurial education, more fulfilled generation

With more personalized learning and more incentive to teamwork and students’ protagonism, entrepreneurship education stimulates social-emotional competencies that are not necessarily developed in traditional teaching models.

Emphasizing these competencies, whether during basic education, high school or university, contributes to raise self-confident, proactive individuals with self-management skills and a sense of responsibility. And the benefits of such education goes beyond the positive impacts on business and the job market.

Much is said about entrepreneurship with a purpose, one that is dedicated to delivering solutions for community problems and, at the same time, is aligned with the entrepreneur’s own values. An individual who knows himself better and is clear about his life purpose is more likely to be able to turn his goals and beliefs into business opportunities.

The result is a career aligned with personal life, which provides the professional self-fulfillment and encourages the entrepreneur to seek constant development and to embrace his job’s challenges. And being fulfilled is exactly what the new generation looks for in their professional life.

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