Entrepreneurship in schools: more innovation and collaboration

Entrepreneurship is more than starting your own business or developing business management skills. It also has a deep relationship with understanding the pains of others and seeking solutions to issues that impact people and the community. That is why, when opening up space for entrepreneurial education in schools, two other key competences must be stimulated: innovation and collaboration. Together, they are capable of bringing about major transformations to the business environment and to society in general.


There is no innovation without experimentation and failure. After all, a good idea is the result of a long process of maturation of many other ideas, through discussion and learning. School is therefore the safest place for a culture of innovation to be put into practice. And the first step is making school a democratic place, which stimulates free thinking and does not impose limits to students’ ideas.


Collaborative and horizontal models favor creativity and problem solving, because they bring together people with different perspectives and realities. Learning with (and for) other people is a lesson that can and should be learned since a very early age. Creating collaborative environments in schools helps young people to develop empathy and respect for differences and to be able to put themselves in other’s shoes and think about common well-being.

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