Five benefits of artistic education to develop an entrepreneurial attitude

Artistic education is often neglected in school curriculum by educators, parents and students, who depreciate art education value if compared to biology, languages or social science. However, artistic training helps developing important skills for students’ academic, professional and personal success. Many of them are even directly linked to creativity and the capacity of innovating, essential for an entrepreneurial attitude.

Check out five of these skills:

Focus on growth

Initially, the creative process may seem like just a fun activity. But those who work with it know that the essence of creation lies in the willingness to step into the unknown, take risks, make (and accept) mistakes, and learn to deal well with criticism. Those things build up a spirit of resilience, flexibility and ability to focus on long-term results (key to a mindset focused on growth and continuous improvement).

Self confidence

“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it,” Einstein said. Improvisation, daring, and willingness to face judgment are intrinsic aspects of creative activity. And they require a good deal of self-confidence and ability to argue and to defend your ideas, no matter how absurd they may seem. Artistic tasks are also good ways to fight shyness and insecurities and to have mutual encouragement among colleagues.

Cognitive improvement

As students immerse themselves in artistic learning, they develop a series of complex, multifaceted skills that enable them to have a better performance in subjects such as history, math, language, and science. One example is musical learning. According to Frontiers Neuroscience, it contributes to improving short-term auditory memory, accuracy in a second-language pronunciation, and executive functions – a set of cognitive skills that control our thoughts, emotions, and actions.


Expressing emotions to the public, defending an idea in front of specialists or even orchestrating actors in a theater cast or musicians in a band. All of that depend on clear and effective communication. Developing that ability through arts end up creating many benefits for various spheres of life.

Cultural understanding

Arts and culture are at the heart of our identity as human beings. Understanding the community around us, the complexity of social relations, cultural context and the history of peoples help developing a critical view of the world in which one lives and therefore, self-knowledge.

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