Five educational plataforms and applications to start using today


Free, simple and safe, Remind is a communication tool that helps teachers to instantly connect to students, parents and legal guardians, through individual or group messages. With Remind, you can indicate exercises, send reminders, voice messages and even talk via chat. Learn more.


The creators of Programaê believe that technology has the power to transform, including education. They developed a platform that offers free tools for programming. Embark on this quest for knowledge, click here.

Youtube Edu

YouTube Edu is a platform that selects and gathers videos of Brazilian teachers from various areas. The quality of the videos’ content is evaluated by a curatorship of teachers. This represents an incredible opportunity to expand the limits of the classroom.


Based on experience with educational platforms that excessively automate student learning, the platform Scoola was created to humanize the use of technology in education. Aimed at infant and primary school education, Scoola enables the personalization of content by educators and an analysis of learning. Learn more here.


What would you do if you had a detailed analysis, with graphs and full reports, of the educational information of your students?  How would this affect the decision-making of your institution and improve your students’ learning experience? In a scenario in which entrepreneurship education is new, having a platform that enables the analysis of its application on day to day basis can make everything much easier.  Learn more here.

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