Five things to consider when developing your EdTech pitch

In recent years, entrepreneurs have realized the potential of the education market to innovate and invest their efforts. The sector has experienced exponential growth in Brazil and around the world, bringing new education solutions for students, teachers and educational institutions. The market is large and booming. But do entrepreneurs know the criteria used by investors to allocate resources in educational startups (EdTechs)?


See what to consider when it comes to developing your business pitch, to seek the investment you need to grow or make your business more robust.

Entrepreneur’s capacity to accomplish

Having a good idea is not enough – it is important to know how to put it into practice. Therefore, it is essential that the entrepreneur develops a number of competencies for the business survival and success. Resilience, ability to work as a team, willingness to face challenges and take risks are some of them.

Market evaluation

Knowing in depth the market in which you intend to work is a key factor to add value to the solution offered by your startup. Understanding the tools already available in the market, mapping competitors, institutions and agents involved in decision making and studying user behavior are important when thinking about the practical applications and possibilities of your business, offering more guarantees of a profitable and sustainable model .

Being a scalable business that can solve major educational problems

In Brazil, there is still a shortage of innovative solutions for education. In part, this is great for entrepreneurs as there is plenty of room for new businesses. However, it is important to think of scalable and relevant models for the market. That allows growth from a single initial investment or reduced expenses over time, factors that ensure more business sustainability and security for investors.

Results for schools

Many EdTech already offer tools and platforms that help students and teachers on a daily basis in a variety of ways. Another possibility, still little explored, is to develop solutions school management, focuses on board and pedagogical coordination, that contribute to adopting new teaching models, innovating and decision-making. Investing in this area can be a way of differentiating yourself in the market and attracting investors.

Knowing your audience and being relevant to them

Knowing the educational market makes a big difference. In the case of EdTechs, you need to be more than a good business manager, but understand the specificities of the educational universe, the needs of students of different age groups, the differences between public and private institutions and the main challenges that educators face. Understanding these demands in depth will help you  develop solutions that are truly relevant to the education sector.

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