Five trends that will impact entrepreneurial education

To implement entrepreneurial education in your school, you need to keep up with the latest global trends. To help you out, here are five of them:


Deep integration

In order to integrate entrepreneurship education in the classroom and in the students’ curriculum, it is necessary to invest in programs, training and makerspaces (places with resources for innovation). Many places in the world are not yet advanced regarding this matter, but it is a growing trend.



Entrepreneurship education must increasingly consider inclusion and diversity. Startups ecosystems, for example, are still predominantly male-dominated. It begins to change through discussions and public policies implemented by each country.


Makerspaces will be more common

Students need tools and places that encourage entrepreneurship and creation. Without them, some ideas are impossible to be visualized. Many models of makerspaces are emerging and being spread out.


A new language outside the classroom

The split between the processes of identifying a business opportunity and planning one has revolutionized the way we teach entrepreneurship. With this mindset, the scenario is ready to expand entrepreneurial education to the world.


Passion for solutions

The “inventor” image, someone alone in a laboratory creating solutions, no longer exists. Nowadays, the agenda of creations comes from groups of people and the market itself. This is very important not only for the economy, but also for the cities’ needs, such as clean water and basic sanitation.


Learn more about trends in entrepreneurship education on Sebrae’s website.


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