Get to know Happy Code, a coding school for kids

Technology is part of young people daily life, with smartphones, tablets, notebooks, games, applications and others. Mastering programming language is no longer considered an extra knowledge and has become essential for creating and optimizing creative solutions, preparing students for the job market.


Therefore, Happy Code teaches digital skills such as programming and robotics in a fun way to kids and teenagers from 5 to 17 years old. The 66 units, spread across several Brazilian states and Portugal, offer game creation, application development, robotics, animation, digital arts and digitalities classes, with lessons on using operating systems, computer and smartphones applications and social networks.


Students can also participate in the special vacation program, with short lessons based on Minecraft, content production and broadcasting on YouTube.


Happy Code teaching is based on the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) methodology that, unlike traditional models in which different areas of knowledge are taught separately, gathers science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics in a multidisciplinary way. With that, students can work individually or in groups to discuss and propose solutions to the questions presented by teachers.


Visit Happy Code website and learn more about courses and partnerships with schools.

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