Get to know IBGE’s education portal

magine the largest statistical institute in the country working for education! This is already true: IBGEduca, a portal created by IBGE, gathers valuable data and information for teachers about Brazilian children and teenagers and offers research tools for students. The site also encourages interaction among users, allowing cultural exchange and learning.

For teachers

In the area dedicated to educators, you can find ideas for activities and resources. Thus, it is possible to use IBGE data as content for classes and school activities. All the propositions are based on the Ministry of Education guidelines.

Another highlight is the Teacher’s Blog, a space for sharing experiences and pedagogical practices. The initiative also contributes to disseminating knowledge about population data and socioeconomic aspects so that teachers have a complete picture of Brazilian society today.

For kids

In order to transform IBGE data into fun and easy-to-understand information, IBGEduca area for children brings resources such as videos, graphics, infographics, animations, and games. The interaction among the small ones is guaranteed by a tool that allows children from all over Brazil to send drawings about the regions in which they live.

For teenagers

Focusing on the National High School Exam (Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio – Enem), the site for teenagers gathers news and special content for the preparatory stage of the exams.

How about thinking of creative ways to use IBGEduca with your students?

Need more tools? Get to know Escola em (Re) Construição research.

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