Get to know the educational solutions of 5 Brazilian startups

Education startups, also known as edtechs, play a major role in transforming current education models, bringing more innovation and technology to the industry.

Check out how the work of five of these edtechs has contributed to change education in Brazil.

1 - Árvore de Livros (Book Tree - free translation):

A digital reading platform that has managed to quadruple the number of books read by its users compared to other students. The principle is simple: a versatile virtual bookshelf and a platform for comfortable reading on notebooks, mobile phones and tablets. Some of the highlights are the pedagogical support offered and the possibility of monitoring students’ reading, with reports, graphics and tools for managing the collection.

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2 - Br.ino:

A group of students who were passionate about robotics and suddenly decided to share their knowledge with 100 other students at the school. This is how Br.ino was born. The platform works as a translator, which reads the Portuguese programming language and translates to the arduino language. It offers a simple and easy interface and allows lay people or non-English speakers to venture into the world of programming.

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3 - Já entendi (Got it - free translation):

The name itself says it all. In an easy and simple way, Já Entendi offers corporate educational solutions focusing on people with little schooling. The methodology uses andragogy, heutagogy, storytelling, neurolinguistics, instructional design, and mind maps to transform the content of books and manuals, for example, into dynamic video lessons that accelerate learning.

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4 - MasterTech:

A school with courses, bootcamps and workshops focused on the 21st century skills. The curriculum has courses such as “Technology for leaders”, “User Experience for non-designers”, “Programming for non-programmers” and even “How to rock technical interviews”, all short-term and affordable, designed to new professionals.

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5 - Saga Labs:

Saga Labs specializes in developing cost-effective technology solutions. With a team of designers, pedagogues, technology experts and project managers, the company offers consulting, development and implementation of projects. The result is high-performance virtual learning environments with virtualization and pedagogical tools.

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