How Izabel de Souza has enhanced her students’ engagement using technology

Izabel de Souza is a teacher in a municipal school in Ferraz de Vasconcelos, São Paulo. She had a problem with one of the classes she taught. Students were facing learning difficulties, especially in math.


That’s where she got in touch with the Khan Academy platform, developed by Lemann Foundation. We have already presented Khan Academy here, but Izabel’s story is different, specially because of the engagement she has been able to create in students.


She signed up for the platform but only received the logins and passwords on the last day of school before vacations. Some students had already gone home. Not satisfied, she went home and found out each student’s profile on Facebook. From home, she showed them what the platform was about and created a group so everyone could exchange information. The engagement of the students, even on vacation, was incredible.


Each week, Izabel sent a score ranking to the group and this started a competition among students, encouraging them to participate more and more. When they returned to school, most of them already knew how to use Khan Academy and those who had not yet had access were helped by their colleagues. Students even created a group and a Facebook page.


Izabel talked about her experience at Transformar 2015, a meeting held by Lemann Foundation, Instituto Inspirare / Porvir and Instituto Península. The event brought together experts and representatives of innovative experiences in education in seven countries.

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