InnoveEdu: innovative experiences in education around the world

In order to build a reference database for educators, entrepreneurs and public entities, Porvir – an initiative by Instituto Inspirare – mapped 96 innovative initiatives in education in Brazil and around the world. The work, which resulted in the InnoveEdu platform, was carried out in partnership with Edsurge, Innovation Unit and Wise, research institutions from the United States, United Kingdom and Qatar, respectively.

The initiatives are classified into five innovation trends identified in the research:

Skills for the 21st Century: Non-cognitive skills that go beyond academic content and prepare students for professional, academic, personal and community life.

Personalization: pedagogical strategies that take into account the individual needs of each student, their prior knowledge, skills and interests.

Experimentation: learning from practical experiences, with activities in which the student applies theory in hands-on activities.

Use of territory: expanding the environments recognized as learning spaces, connecting students with the community around them.

New certifications: new forms of certification to validate education that happens outside formal institutions courses.


In addition to the five trends, the platform can also search for initiatives by type of innovation – disruptive or incremental – and where they happen – at home, in the community, at school or online.
Check out the 96 initiatives on InnoveEdu website and get inspired!

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