IsCool, a startup from Santa Catarina state, has created a teaching project that breaks with the traditional methodology practiced in schools and even in institutions that offer informal courses. In order to make education simpler and more accessible, Iscool focuses on the power of community to generate creative, alternative and independent learning experiences, bringing together people who want to teach and those who want to learn.


Many activities are free, including lectures, workshops and courses. The biggest difference is that the only requirement to teach a course is to have knowledge, willingness to share it and an audience interested in the subject. Among the subjects offered are yoga, entrepreneurship, marketing, coaching, innovation and architecture, but everyone is welcome as long as they promote a fun relationship with all participants.


IsCool is responsible for organizing and publicizing the event and always uses free spaces for the activities. Its idea is to take advantage of the possibilities of knowledge sharing experiences, allowing everyone to have access to what they want, without following a standardized methodology. The model has been working. Since its beginning in 2015, isCool has promoted over 125 activities and received more than 4,000 submissions.


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