Learn about the Genius Hour methodology in 5 steps

Imagine being able to dedicate part of your work schedule to a project that you really enjoy. An idea that you find interesting and can help you grow professionally, besides contributing to the whole company. Does not that sound great? Now, think about that idea applied to the classroom. How about offering this possibility to students?

This is the principle of the Genius Hour methodology. Students can choose a topic of interest for reflection and develop projects that may result in a finished product. Curiosity and creativity are keywords in the Genius Hour methodology. Learn more about it.


Stimulating an inquisitive spirit

The methodology is based on a theme or question that will guide the whole process of student stimulus. Through this strategy, students will reflect on the subject by making a connection with what they have learned in the classroom.


Applied knowledge

Genius Hour encourages students to reflect on practices that can make a difference in the community as well. That is, it goes beyond the school boundaries and reaches those who have some level of relationship with the institution.


Project development

After the reflection phase, the methodology foresees the development of actions that may result in a final product. In order for that, students are encouraged to seek references on the subject through research, readings and similar experiences.

Time of dedication

The hours of involvement with the project can reach 20% of the total class time. This is the maximum range stipulated by the methodology and it is considered sufficient to keep students motivated and interested


Mutual learning

Genius Hour offers a valuable opportunity for teachers to also learn more about their students. About their passions and what really motivates them at school.

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