Learn how to become a more entrepreneurial teacher

Entrepreneurial education has been gaining more space in school curricula and academic activities. The more schools, teachers, and students become familiar with the concept, the more they are able to let go of the old idea that undertaking is only for those who own their own business and embrace the broader definition of entrepreneurship: having a problem-solving mindset and serve society in a positive way.

One of the entrepreneurial mindset principles is being proactive when it comes to change: not expecting the ideal financial ou infrastructural conditions or waiting for motivation to always come from external factors. These lessons are very important for students in their future carreers, but also for… educators!

Here are some tips to become an entrepreneurial teacher and innovate in your career:

Search for mentorship
Learn from the experience of others. Perhaps this is one of the most valuable lessons of entrepreneurship and mentoring is one of the ways to put it into practice.

Therefore, choose someone who you consider to be a reference, both professionally and ethically as well as technically. It is important that you choose someone you trust and who is willing to be committed to your life and career. Set up a date for the meetings: it can be a weekly coffee break, an informal chat every other week or monthly meetings. The format and frequency depend on your preferences and availability.

Share openly about your career plans, interests, mistakes, and successes. Exchange information, ideas and best profession practices. You will find out that you are not alone in your challenges, and can also see things from other perspectives, finding new ways to achieve your goals or solve problems.

Start something new
Never posted on Twitter? How about setting up an account and planning a more connected class?! Do you have good content that has never been published? Record a video-lesson and post it on TED-Ed. Have been thinking about how to add robotics in class, but doesn’t have time to learn it beforehand? Why not trying a workshop in which you learn along with the students?

Not being afraid of risking and jumping into the new is something that entrepreneurs do very well, and you can also adopt it as a practice.

Get connected

Hybrid education – multiplatform education that blends online and offline learning – is considered one of the greatest contributions to education in the 21st century. If technology is not yet your classroom ally, it’s time to change that. Applications and platforms can help make your content richer, create new classroom dynamics, and interact with your students differently.

Many digital tools have also been designed to facilitate your work as an educator by simplifying application and proofreading, providing in-depth feedback on student performance, and optimizing time spent on administrative tasks.

Look for references
Never stop studying. Taking on the approach of an apprentice is the best way to continue developing professionally throughout your career. With the help of digital tools, this is even easier.

Have you thought about designing a development plan and looking for free online courses on topics of your interest? It might be a good way to start. Another good idea is to set aside time in your weekly schedule to visit other schools websites and get to know reference institutions in Brazil and around the world, read interviews with educators, listen to podcasts, and research about the latest technologies in education.

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