Learn how to use technology in the classroom with Digital School  

Digital School is the tool you needed to research digital content and offer it in the classroom. In one single platform, contents of all disciplines are featured for all school grades and divided into different formats – game, digital book, mobile application, animation, map, video, etc.

Easy, right? The idea is to bring to all educators pedagogical content that uses technology in a better way to teach. Teachers and school managers can widely explore the website and use it to improve knowledge about technology and education.

Digital School also has tools to encourage student’s creativity. Instead of just waiting for lessons from the teachers, the youngs are motivated to go ahead and create games, presentations, books and much more. In addition to encouraging proactivity, those are formats very close to the reality of the student, who already has access to technology at home.

For better use of the School, managers of educational institutions can take a online course offered on the website. Beyond learning about the tool, the course provokes a reflection on education and technology. Thus, coordinators and supervisors can get a better understanding of what technology can do for education and may help teachers in their deployment.

Want to learn more about it? Click here.

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