Little Bits: an easy way to use  electronics in education

Welding, screws, programming … the electronics universe can often intimidate and end up creating barriers to learning. Thinking about it, Little Bits created magnetic blocks for assembling electronic designs in a ‘do-it-yourself’ way.

The kits focus on children and each bit, as the circuit parts are called, has specific color and function and connects with others through magnets. Among the available parts there are, for example, power bits, used to energize the circuit, input and output bits, and wires or expanders. Currently, the Little Bits portfolio – available in basic and more advanced apprenticeship kits – already has 70 modules, which allows a multitude of combinations between parts.

With Little Bits, it is possible to make subjects such as mathematics, physics and science more tangible to students, since the toy allows constructing almost any object that uses electronics in its composition, from remote control carts to intelligent domestic gadgets. Little bits can also help exploring creativity, innovation, and design skills.

To know more about Little Bit solutions and their classroom applications, visit There, you find unique content to educators such as lessons and resources to use electronics in classrooms.

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