New education for social inclusion

The culture of innovation, digital technologies and the entrepreneurial mindset have revolutionized education, with the migration of the traditional model of teaching – expository and mass classes – for a more personalized learning. This change improves the quality of education in general, but brings even more benefits to a specific group of students: those with some special need.

For example, at the CE-403 Educational Center in Campinas (São Paulo), technology has been applied in chemistry, physics and biology classes to make content more accessible to those with visual impairment. The adapted Technological Periodic Table project is one of the initiatives, and combines 3D printing with and Arduino. That way, the periodic table information is emitted by a speaker connected to the board.

In Florianópolis, a teaching model that values ​​differences plays a main role on Escola dos Sonhos’ strategy to promote social inclusion. Students are no longer divided by grades and the focus became collaboration and cooperation. Children of different ages gather in learning groups (experimentation, research, transition, development and deepening), which allows each student to work on their learning pace.

In Ipatinga, in Minas Gerais, the resources of the Specialized Educational Assistance room – where students with disabilities had little interaction with their colleagues and the activities did not happen in an integrated way to the rest of the curriculum – started to be used by all the students in the school.

What about you? Have you thought about how to innovate in the classroom, promoting the inclusion of students with special needs? Get inspired by content and tell us your ideas on our social networks.

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