No fear of mathematics

Numbers are not always friendly. Students often end up developing a blockage for exact science subjects like mathematics or physics because of unattractive and thought-provoking classes. To break this paradigm, Positivo has created Pense Matemática, a program that aims to awaken sympathy for mathematics since childhood.

Pense Matemática is multiplatform and based on three pillars:


Classroom dynamics – scripts and resources for a total of 32 weekly classes for elementary education classes, with activities ranging from assembling lay people to programming challenges.


Math Academy – online exercises for students to develop their math skills and gain muscle. The script is adaptive and varies according to the performance and pace of each one.


Arena – challenges and national competitions for students to test their knowledge and continue to develop.


In addition, there are pedagogical and marketing programs and guidelines for the assembly of a conceptual classroom, that helps teaching of the subject.

To learn more about Pense Matemática, click here.  

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