Programming for girls: technology to transform reality

Considering the statistics of the past decades, female participation in technology careers has been falling year over year. In 1995, 35% of computer science professionals were women. Currently, they are 24% and, if nothing is done about it, in 2027 they will be only 22%, according to Girls Who Code, a nonprofit organization that, since 2012, encourages the participation of women in computing.

Girls Who Code’s goal is to reverse the picture and ensure gender equity in computing by 2027. Therefore, the organization offers regular classes and 2-week or 7-week immersion programs. Students also have the possibility to participate in communities that help continuing studies, getting into university and the jobmarket. The initiative began with 20 girls in New York and has now benefited about 90,000 North American girls. The person behind the idea of ​​Girls Who Code is Reshma Saujani who, in addition to CEO, is an American activist, lawyer, writer, and politician.

Mastering programming languages ​​is an essential competence for young people nowadays. Knowing how to code gives autonomy for solving problems and expands the possibilities of using creativity. When programming teaching is focused on girls, the potential is even greater. Knowledge can be used as a weapon to fight against prejudice with the presence of women in technology and in the world of entrepreneurship itself.
What about you, what can you do to encourage girls and women participation in programming? Tell us about it on our social networks.

To learn more about the benefits of programming for young people, check out the interview with Fernando Americano, from Le Wagon Brasil. Be sure to also read our E-book on Women in Entrepreneurship.

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