Quíron and the belief of educating young protagonists

Quíron is an organization that offers workshops and courses designed to empower and increase the leading role of students and teachers.


The main focus is the development of each one’s potentialities. Not everyone believes in their own potential and knows what their dreams and life projects are. The courses aim to give a brighter view about themselves and the world around them.


The Youth Training Program is offered directly to students and explores, during 32 modules, the innovative ideas of each one. There are offered in the classes mentoring sessions and projects acceleration. Going through the full journey, the student can have a clear idea of the change he can make around him. 80% of parents noticed more motivation in their children after the course.


The Potential Awakening Formation is a short-term course, focused on the student’s self-knowledge and empowerment about their own potential. Throughout the training, participants are given training tools to develop their ideas and work as a team.


Quíron also offers a program training called Transforming Teachers. The modules seek reflection on traditional teaching methods and share with teachers practical tools for building more engaging lessons. 80% of the teachers perceived greater engagement of the students in the classes after applying the techniques.


The empowerment of students and educators happens with the help of partners: school principals, governments seeking references to innovative education and companies that want to carry out social impact projects. Find out more about Quíron clicking here!


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