Sebrae School. Since 1992 stimulating entrepreneurial attitude in young people  

One of Sebrae’s main challenges since its foundation has been to provide entrepreneurs with mechanisms to ensure the maintenance of their business. And it was no longer enough to just offer training to those who were already undertaking, it was necessary to arouse the interest of the new generations.

With the new patterns of the country’s economy after the 1980s, there was a need to implement entrepreneurial education in basic education. Technicians and educators at Sebrae were keen to seek teaching methods in the area and chose the Austrian model of 1850.

This is how the Management Training School of Belo Horizonte (EFGBH in the Portuguese acronym) was born. First, in partnership with Austria and then improving the processes to meet the Brazilian reality. Now, the school is a reference in the teaching of entrepreneurial and humanizing education at the intermediate level in Brazil.

EFGBH applies regular secondary education to the administration technician. But the method goes further by using concepts that are based on each student’s quest for their own knowledge. The student graduate knowing:

  • How to look for knowledge, that is, to acquire the instruments of understanding;
  • How to act on the environment;
  • How to perceive life in community, in order to participate and cooperate with others in all human activities; and finally,
  • How to be, which is an essential aspect that integrates all the other mentioned previously.

Among the projects that complement the education in EFGBH is the Tutoring. Students have the opportunity to meet with entrepreneurs so that they can have a vision of the business and draw their own conclusions about the practice of entrepreneurship.

In another project, the Showcase, students participate in the design and conception of a business. They themselves develop the business model and business business plan, shaping and structuring together, through group conversations and market-driven surveys.

If you want to know about other projects and to know more about the performance of EFGBH, go to the website!

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