SP launches state plan for entrepreneurial education

In 2017, the state of São Paulo took an important step towards entrepreneurial education in schools: the PEEE (State Plan for Entrepreneurial Education) was launched, a material that supports the curriculum of elementary and middle schools.

The plan aims to shape the entrepreneurial attitude in students, making them capable of transforming ideas into creative solutions, with benfits for themselves and for society as a whole. The plan, which has been under development since 2015, also provides courses on entrepreneurship for teachers and students, seminars and entrepreneurship fairs and the creation of a virtual centre for entrepreneurship education, among other initiatives.


With it, more than 3.7 million young people will be benefited throughout the state – 5 thousand schools of the Department of Education and 221 other technical schools. In total, there are 11 goals to be achieved by the year of 2024. Learn more about each one:

  • Goal 1: to include entrepreneurship in the curriculum of state and technical schools
  • Goal 2: to develop goals and skills matrix on entrepreneurial education
  • Goal 3: to share the reference document on entrepreneurial education with municipal schools
  • Goal 4: to progressively increase the development of entrepreneurial skills in basic education students
  • Goal 5: to create a validation certificate for entrepreneurship courses and work plans on entrepreneurship for public basic education
  • Goal 6: to offer entrepreneurship education courses for teachers
  • Goal 7: to offer entrepreneurship courses for students
  • Goal 8: to create a Virtual Centre for Entrepreneurial Education
  • Goal 9: to hold the Regional Seminar on Entrepreneurial Education annually
  • Goal 10: to hold the Young Entrepreneur Fair
  • Goal 11: to establish the PEEE Evaluation Committee

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