With the expanding number of freelance professionals and the changes in work organization, coworking spaces have become popular in recent years. They work as shared offices and offer such a rich social environment that many refer to them as ecosystems – not just workplaces.
The advantages, for those already in the labor market, range from the lower costs with infrastructure and maintenance to mobility and flexibility of working hours. But the benefits of coworking spaces for students are not yet widely known.

Here are some advantages:

Because they are shared environments, coworking offices bring together professionals from many different areas. Developing your personal projects at a place with such variety can help expand a network with other students, teachers, and professionals. These relationships can be valuable during the education period, and especially when it comes to break into a career.

Collaboration and innovation
Diversity is one of the success factors of coworking offices. In a single day, you can share a desk with architects, engineers, designers or economists, for example, of varying ages and levels of experience. During coffee breaks conversations end up yielding opportunities for collaboration and even lasting partnerships. And, of course, where there is collaboration, there is innovation. The exchange of knowledge in coworking spaces creates a proper environment to the flourishing of new ideas and solutions.

Labor market overview
There is no better way to understand more about a career or area of expertise than seeing a professional in action. Therefore, frequenting coworking spaces can be a good exercise and research source for high school students. Talking with other professionals, asking questions about their careers and understanding the work routine can be very helpful when choosing an academic degree.

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