Teacher training: the challenges of the profession in entrepreneurial education context

People usually learn in very distinct ways one from another. A great question nowadays is what is the teacher role in classrooms where teaching is personalized, education is based in skills and the development of socioemotional aspects are increasingly relevant? What aspects should be included in teacher education so they can be prepared to new needs in a world constantly in transformation?

Teacher training and integral education

To Luiz Miguel Garcia, who chairs the educational civil society União de Dirigentes Municipais de Educação do Estado de São Paulo (Undime/SP), the challenges begin with the very conception of educational institutions. According to him, schools can no longer be confined to intramural geographical space nor to simple knowledge transmission. This goes especially for the debates involving integral education. “Integral education is when there is an integrality in knowledge, not when the student spends seven hours in the same place. This is full time school”, he explains.

In these circumstances, in which there is a greater concern about an integral development and an entrepreneurial mindset in students, it is important that the teacher be a leader with a systemic performance, able to understand the student in his individuality and having, at the same time, a global vision.

“He must do a critical interpretation of the learning process, have boldness, courage and autonomy, be empowered. Thus, he helps students to develop a critical look for the world in which they live”, said Luiz.

Another expected behaviour of teacher is to be open to the unknown, willing to take risks. “Make things work does not necessarily means getting where you expected to. Education is not a right and fixed path”, he explains. In the following interview, Luiz Miguel talks more about the recent changes in education and the benefits of entrepreneurship for students:

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