The importance of management to innovate in education

Educational institutions need to constantly update themselves. The modern world requires trained and prepared students to face the job market and also life.


This relies heavily on the role of educators, who should teach considering innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial education. Knowledge should not be limited, but instead it needs to find ways to reach the students in a contextualized manner.


For Marilene Fogaça, pedagogical advisor of Poliedro, institutions management need to be connected to this new reality. It is necessary to “rethink not only the pedagogical project and the teaching staff, but also the managerial area responsible for promoting the organizational development, the educators training.”


The lack of innovative management to support human capital, ends up discouraging teachers and so students. Despite that, it is important to remember that the process to carry out innovative actions is slow and depends a lot on constant reflection and improvement. It may take a while, but the results are satisfactory.


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