Thinking with the eyes

Organizing thinking in a visual way is one of the ways to stimulate the use of the emotional and intuitive side of the brain, opening doors for creativity. Also known as Visual Thinking, this practice exists in a simple paper scribbling or in the use of illustration to communicate an idea. The intentional use of Visual Thinking, however, has become more popular recently and has become an important innovation tool in both corporate and educational environments.

Visual Thinking facilitates new discoveries, helps establishing nonlinear connections and encourages rapid combination and recombination of factors. Another advantage is the  association of different elements such as text, image or illustration, for example, when it comes to elaborating a thought. In education, the technique can stimulate team spirit and collaboration, facilitate school research, set up study plans and improve the dynamics of classes or presentations.

Although it is natural for many, the ability of visual thinking can be developed. One of the tools available for that is Popplet, a website that allows drawing mental maps in an easy and collaborative way. From a empty screen you can organize thoughts and lessons into visual layouts, with interventions in text, image, drawings and even videos – since Popplet is compatible with YouTube and Vimeo.

The free version allows the creation of up to 10 Popplets – as the maps are called – and can be used on desktop or in an exclusive app for iPad.

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