Universidade da Correria: business consulting and social innovation in popular areas of Rio de Janeiro

With money from the sale of 178 shirts, Anderson França, Dinho, managed to start teaching entrepreneurship classes in his own living room for popular neighborhoods entrepreneurs. That’s how, in the rush,  he started UniCorre, or Universidade da Correria. The curious name says a lot about the institution values: for Dinho, to do something on a “rush” (correria) means to make it happen, to have attitude and not to wait for the initiative of others.

Created in 2013, UniCorre’s main objective is to encourage young people to turn their dreams into business. Therefore, the institution offers support based on three premises: pedagogy of freedom, autonomy promotion and rupture methodology.

In practice, students are receive orientation on market opportunities and the professions of the future, work autonomy and independence, have support to structure their business and meet with potential investors. The content is very similar to that of large entrepreneurship programs, such as Sebrae, but adapted to local needs. With current and dynamic language, the learning modules are bases on the entrepreneurs’ own knowledge life stories.

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