Use technology to make classes more interesting

Engaging students in the learning process is always a challenge – and technology can be a great help in this mission. For a highly connected generation, nothing better than sharing content in a virtual environment. This is what G Suite for Education, by Google, does. Used by 70 million people worldwide, G Suite enables more inclusive teaching and helps teachers to find different and creative ways to present content and motivate students.

The most innovative solution is Google Classroom which, as the name says, works as a virtual learning environment. It allows teachers to create classes and provide learning materials, which can be accessed from any device, as well as assigning tasks, evaluating assignments and answer students’ doubts in real time.

Lessons can become even more interesting with Google Expeditions. With the help of virtual reality glasses, teachers take students to places described in textbooks. The idea is to make school trips around the world without actually leaving school.

Productivity tools – shared agenda, email account with no ads, forms, slides, among others – help make school management more collaborative and easy. Around 52 hours of work are spared for each user with the solutions for classroom communication and interaction and time spent with support is 90% lower compared to other tools.

Also part of G Suite, Hangout is a tool that allows you to create online forums, as well as invite more people to participate in the class, through videoconference. It is also possible to develop websites in a very simple way – that is, without using a single line of code -, and to share documents in the cloud that can be edited simultaneously by all users.

To have access to all G Suite For Education tools, complete the form. Public schools and universities can use them for free. Private institutions pay a fee corresponding to the number of users.

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