What do students think about entrepreneurship? Get to know the main findings of Juventude Conectada research

Young people have an important social transformation role in our society and one of the driving forces for this transformation is work. But how do they face the opportunities and the possibilities of entrepreneurship?

This is what Fundação Telefônica tried to find out by talking to Brazilians between the ages 15-29 about their perceptions and experiences on the universe of entrepreneurship.

The results were announced recently with the launch of the entrepreneurship edition of the research Juventude Conectada, held in partnership with IBOPE, Rede Conhecimento Social, young entrepreneurs and experts. Check out the main data collected below.

Willing to start a business

According to Juventude Conectada data research, 56% of students consider themselves entrepreneurs and 74% of them prefer having their own business than working for a company.

They also have an interesting point of view about entrepreneurship. For most of them, it is more about personal fulfillment than financial feedback and hence to improve the quality of life. Other reasons for students to choose entrepreneurship are schedule flexibility,  autonomy to make choices and the possibility of more engagement with their own professional activities.

Entrepreneur profile

The research also aimed to understand how Brazilians between the age of 15-29 see the entrepreneur figure. For most of them, an entrepreneur is someone who seeks opportunities and solutions and works to make them happen. 75% among those interviewed agreed that an entrepreneur should not settle and must be continuously innovating. On the other hand, they don’t consider innovation as a requirement for someone to become an entrepreneur. 31% recognize entrepreneurs in local business and not only in great innovative ideas. Check out other perceptions of Brazilian youth about entrepreneurship:

– It is not mandatory to have a business to be an entrepreneur;

– Not every entrepreneur is a businessman and vice-versa

– There isn’t a specific place to become an entrepreneur. It can happen in corporate environments as well in other places.

Entrepreneurship challenges

In Brazil, those who have the will to undertake in their careers still have to overcome some barriers. The main obstacles in students point of view are:

The work culture

Our country does not have an entrepreneurial tradition and therefore young people, in particular, are only encouraged to seek a stable job, early in their career.

Education focus

Brazilian educational system does not stimulate entrepreneurship in schools, in other words, it does not develop autonomous citizens, capable of taking risks and trying to create something new. This also occurs in a familiar environment, where the main goal is to provide a financial safe future.

Bureaucracy and lack of investment

Starting a business in Brazil is still an extremely bureaucratic process. It is also hard to have an initial capital or to find someone who supports their ideas.

The lack of inspiration

Students lack examples of Brazilian entrepreneurs, from all social classes, genres, and races in the media. According to them, there is still a stigma that entrepreneurship is restricted to white upperclassmen.

The lack of references

Most of the interviewed in the research declare that they would like to have more connection with institutions that promote entrepreneurial education. They also lack having a relative or a friend who has already started a business to share their experiences.

What do you think about Juventude Conectada research? Do you believe young people need to be more prepared for entrepreneurship? Also, read about 3 Sebrae’s solutions to stimulate entrepreneurship among young people.

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