Youth for education: what do students want?

Broadening the sense of belonging by promoting a more qualified listening to the needs of young people for education. This is the purpose of Youth for Education, a document launched this year by Everyone for Education movement, in partnership with Inspirare Institute and Unibanco Institute.

Developed from a collaborative process through workshops with students, alumni, teachers, managers and education specialists, the paper follows the premise that the future of students depends on the school and the future of schools depends on the students. The idea is that the proposals on Youth for Education become a reference for educational institutions throughout the country, helping them listen to the needs of young people, open up more room for their participation in the schools’ routine and in the process of formulating educational public policies.

Proposals are guided by the following principles:

  • Recognition of the singularities and inclusion of diversity;
  • Open, horizontal and consequent dialogue;
  • Managers cooperation;
  • Appreciation of multiple forms of participation;
  • Creation of conditions for participation;
  • Connection with life project.

The report also provides specific practical guidelines for performance in school management and public policy, as well as references to laws that support participation in education.

Get to know the whole document and get inspired to include students in improving the quality of teaching in your institution or classroom.

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