14 courses for entrepreneurial teachers

Teachers who are innovative, engaged, prestigious and that also have a close relationship with his students, can have positive and permanent impacts throughout the educational system. Seeking to promote a truly transformative, student-centered education and the development of relevant solutions to society, they take an entrepreneurial posture within the classroom by becoming entrepreneurial teachers. The skills that create entrepreneurial behavior are often subjective and not always part of graduation and postgraduation curriculum. So what is the path to becoming an educator with good ideas and innovative spirit?

We have made a selection of 14 courses to help you in this journey of learning about entrepreneurship, innovation, entrepreneurial education and new models of education. The list was designed for all profiles and budgets, with online options, classroom, charged and free of fees, in Brazil or in foreign institutions. Check it out!

Como reconhecer características empreendedoras, Sebrae EAD Platform (How to recognize entrepreneurial characteristics)

Learn how to recognize entrepreneurial characteristics, understand what it means to be entrepreneurial and what does it take to be prepared for the business world. Sebrae Distance Learning platform holds several useful courses, be sure to take a look at the offered options.

Curso de Empreendedorismo, Portal da Educação (Entrepreneurship course)

The course is aimed at professionals from different fields and students looking after to update on the latest news and trends in entrepreneurship. It is online and paid course, with a 60-hour workload.

El desafío de Innovar en la Educación Superior  (The challenge of Innovation in Higher Education)

Offered by the University of Chile in Spanish language, the course seeks to encourage professionals to rethink their teaching practice from innovative perspectives with the aim of improving the quality of their students’ learning.

MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The course is divided into two modules and aims to qualify the participants to behave as innovation promoters and also supply professionals with an objective and practical management vision. It is offered by the Instituto de Educação Tecnológica (Ietec), in Belo Horizonte, and has a workload of 360 hours.

Hybrid Learning: Personalization and Technology in Education

Offered by the Lemann Foundation in partnership with Instituto Península, the course brings up with the possibilities of integrating digital technologies into the school curriculum in order to achieve several benefits in the teaching quality, as well as thinking on hybrid learning models and their relationship with the personalization of teaching. The workload of the online course is estimated in 40 hours.

What future for education?

Offered by the University of London & UCL Institute of Education, the course aims to assist in critically examining the students own ideas on education, teaching, and learning. Criticism will be developed by engaging with theories and ideas developed through educational research. The course is conducted in English and has approximately 19 hours of workload.

Empreendedorismo em Ação (Entrepreneurship in action)

Offered by Insper, the course covers all the necessary steps to build a successful business through one of the most updated methodologies: the Lean Startup, which has emerged as an option for optimizing time, cost and resources. It is online and paid course, with a total workload of 30 hours.

Empreendedorismo, criatividade e inovação (Entrepreneurship, creativity an action)

Lectured by Professor Leila Vaz, this free and, and classrooom course takes place in the city of Belo Horizonte. It presents the job market and the differences between creativity and innovation. In addition to pointing prospects to the future, the course offers advice on how to generate income, economic and social growth.

Fundamentos do Google para o Ensino (Fundaments of Google for Educators)

Offered by Google in partnership with the Lemann Foundation and Foreducation, this training aims to provide educators with some of the possibilities for using Google technology tools to increase efficiency, innovation and personalization of education. The expected workload is 13 hours.

Learning to learn: powerful mental tools to help you master difficult subjects

Offered by MacMaster University and the University of California, the course aims to teach how the brain uses two very different manners of learning and how it encapsulates (stores in sections) the information. It also approaches learning illusions, memory techniques, how do deal with procrastination and best practices to be effective when mastering difficult subjects.

Estratégia: Planejamento e Educação (Estrategy: Planning and Education)

The course approaches how to put into practice successful strategies, as well as evaluating strategic implications from outside and inside environments from the company and also how to learn the strategic planning through the use of different methodologies such as SWOT, War Gaming, Scenario Planning and Blue Ocean. Offered by Insper. It has a total workload of 36 hours.

Criação de Start ups: como desenvolver negócios inovadores (Creating start-ups: how to develop innovative businesses)

It is a preliminary online course on startup foundation, encompassing theoretical classes that address methods such as Customer Development and Lean Startup, and hands-on lessons with entrepreneurs from the largest Brazilian startups sharing their experiences. Offered by the University of São Paulo (USP), the course has an hourly load of 18 hours.

Strategic Innovation

Offered by Insper and conducted in English, it aims to analyze how the main changes and trends in innovation are being successfully applied in companies. The total course workload is 32 hours.

O Empreendedorismo e as Competências do Empreendedor (Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneur Competencies)

Offered by the University of Campinas (Unicamp), the online course intends to help to understand what skills and competencies an entrepreneur must develop to work in a new venture. Invited professionals of the area discuss their experiences related to the concepts and the practices of the course. There are 12 working hours in total.

Ready to get back to the classroom? Understand also the main challenges of teachers education in the context of entrepreneurial education in this interview with Luiz Miguel Garcia, president of the União de Dirigentes Municipais de Educação do Estado de São Paulo (Undime/SP).

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