Entrepreneurial pedagogues create initiative to train teachers

One of the challenges faced by teachers is time. Among tests, exercises and classes, there is not always enough time to study and update.

The company “Diálogos Embalados” was born to help with this problem. Created by the pedagogues Fabiane Vitiello and Telma Ferreira, the service is a monthly subscription that sends to your home a book, a letter from the author, discount vouchers on books and a surprise item.


The idea came from another service that “Diálogos” already offered: international travel to bring teachers to meet innovative schools. The books are chosen by the founders themselves and are pieces of work that have affected their formation in some way.


Those who pay the subscription also have the right to take part in a closed group on Facebook to exchange information with educators from all over Brazil. They also try to make the authors of the books accessible, sometimes even invinting them to join the group.


The first work to be part of the kit was “Linguagens e culturas infantis” (children’s languages and cultures), by the researcher Adriana Friedmann. In it, she talks about early childhood and about how important it is to play. An author’s letter supplements the information with interesting links.


The kit’s signature costs R$ 69.90 for one month, R$ 179.90 for three months and R$ 299.40 for six months. To learn more, visit the company’s website.


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