Hybrid professionals demand hybrid education

Digital storyteller, marketing automation manager, online education executive, information quality analyst, user experience specialist, augmented reality architect … The job market has changed. New careers require more general and flexible professionals with well-developed social skills and knowledge in areas such as programming and storytelling.

They are the so-called hybrid professionals, people with systemic thinking, capacity to navigate between different areas of knowledge and focus on innovation and problem solving. In addition, they have the ability to lead multidisciplinary teams, demonstrate empathy and team spirit. Training professionals with these skills demands a change in basic and higher education, with new models of education that are also hybrid.

Having personalization as a motto, hybrid learning is accomplished through different methods, formats, and platforms. The combination of new technologies with traditional teaching tools and the introduction of personalized learning routes stimulate diversity in education, and students themselves determine what, how, where and when to learn. Horizontality in the classroom is another decisive factor: students and educators work together and the rigid hierarchy of traditional teaching gives way to a collaborative environment that encourages students’ self-esteem and autonomy.

According to Joseph Aoun, president of Northeastern University in the United States, preparing for the new job market must also involve three key elements: interdisciplinary thematic studies, project-based learning, and experimentation opportunities. One of the initiatives in the university was to give up on isolated subjects and prioritize hands-on projects, that allow the student to synthesize knowledge of different areas in the same project.

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