Meet the winners of  ‘Like a Boss’, a Sebrae challenge for edtechs

Among debates, lectures, workshops and games, one activity caught the participants’ eyes in the Sebrae booth at the 2019 edition of Bett Educar, the largest education event in Latin America in Sao Paulo. During the event, members of edtechs were eager to know the judges’ opinion and anxious in the race against the timed pitch in the challenge called Like a Boss, where they had to win the investor’s bet for their products and services. They presented innovative solutions to improve the quality of education in Brazil, solving student and teacher problems, as well as the school managers and the entire school community.

Check out what each one presented. You can also watch our interview with José Rubinger.

1st Place – Tix Assistive Technology

Tix mission – winner of the Like a Boss Challenge –  is to use technology to empower children with disabilities is the mission. The company has created devices that meet the most diverse needs of children with disabilities, such as sound and noise boards, word prediction keyboard, interactive tools for children who do not have fine motor coordination and even glasses that allow controlling computers and communicating with the eyes.

The devices give autonomy back to students, working on their rehabilitation while encouraging social inclusion. In this interview for CER, José Rubinger, founder of TIX, gives more details about the winning solution.

2nd Place – Movva

A little help at the right time that makes you go beyond. Movva turned this idea into a strategy to improve indicators of various institutions, maximizing the results. The startup sends nudges, reminders and messages with positive reinforcements capable of changing behaviors and building new habits. Therefore, the company has developed nudgebots, computer programs that consistently send reminders, through algorithms that use artificial intelligence to find the right message and the right time to send it, according to the reality and context of platform users.

Eduq + app, one of the company’s solutions for education, issues weekly notifications, with content and activity suggestions for behavior change. Besides notifications about the school routine, families receive messages that help them following the school activities and engaging in the learning process. Teachers, on the other hand, have access to information that encourages the use of new technologies, official reminders from Departments of Education, and any other information that helps them have a better performance. Managers can consult best management practices and are constantly encouraged to improve education quality, as well as public policy updates and official notifications.

The app is already being used in Brazil and other countries and has clients such as Instituto Península, Fundação Lemann, Instituto Natura, Ambev, Banco Central and Fundação Itaú Social, among others.

Learn about the solution and its applications for education at Movva’s website.

3rd Place – GuideWork

How to become a teacher who doesn’t work from home? Based on this question, the edtech GuideWork proposes a solution for educators to be able to guide and standardize student projects in a workflow that tracks versions, technical standards, proofreadings and alterations, and even allows interaction with students.

Similar to a social network, the program helps create a framework for writing assignments, shows when to deliver or review projects, and gives insights and information to get the class to work on their best.

Besides having a centralized schedule and teacher notifications, student can use it to format texts automatically within the chosen standard, which eliminates unnecessary work and optimizes study time.

The tool can also be customized according to the class profile and be used for developing group work. Guidework works through subscription plans for educational institutions, offered for free for students and teachers (with two assignments per student).

Learn more about Guide Work and how it can help you save time and automate operational tasks of teachers and students in your educational institution.

These solutions are amazing, right? They explain why edtechs are responsible for a true revolution in education. To fully understand how they work, check out the special Observatory we have done on the topic.

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