Project turns schools into art galleries

How to incorporate artistic education into the curriculum of schools with little access to arts? In Taiwan, the answer was turning schools themselves into art galleries. Through partnerships with major national and international museums and institutes, the Immersed in Creativity program, by Qanta Culture and Education Foundation, creates thematic and itinerant exhibitions focusing on Elementary and Middle School students.

For that, they create replicas of art pieces that get to schools in remote villages or islands far from the mainland of Taiwan. The exhibitions stimulate creativity and getting in touch with other cultures and perspectives, enriching the school curriculum and developing students’ critical thinking. The ‘galleries’ have 30 to 50 replicas of paintings and are open for students and community visitation from two weeks to one month. The institutions also receive reference books, activity books and other materials to support classes.

It is estimated that in nine years of program, a thousand exhibitions have covered more than 31 thousand kilometers, enough to take more than 34 laps around the island.

Want to know how artistic education helps developing an entrepreneurial mindset? Read more about it here.

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