Sebrae Entrepreneurial Education Award: a tool for education and recognition of best practices in Brazil

Evaluate and recognize entrepreneurial education initiatives in public and private schools throughout the national territory. This is the purpose of the first edition of the Sebrae Entrepreneurial Education Award. The initiative makes the new moment for entrepreneurial education in the country tangible, with concrete opportunities for it to be included in curricula and worked in all its aspects in the classroom. The Award is the result of five years of the Sebrae Entrepreneurial Education Program, which promotes entrepreneurial education on national level. We talked to Rejane Risuenho, from Sebrae, about the relevance of the award to education. Check out the interview below.

1 – The 2018 GEM Study showed that the Brazil is almost in the bottom of the entrepreneurial education ranking, ranking 56th out of 65 countries. How can the Sebrae Entrepreneurial Education Award contribute to change this scenario?

The award is a realization of Sebrae, with support from the National Quality Foundation (FNQ), and comes to disseminate what we have been doing in recent years regarding entrepreneurial education. Sebrae has also expanded its partnerships in the area of ​​education because, until then, we were very focused on supporting companies. The initiative seeks to disseminate entrepreneurship to principals, teachers, municipal and state education departments and to show that Sebrae can also help them in the field of entrepreneurial education, arousing entrepreneurial behavior in people.

2 – When we talk about entrepreneurial education, there is still a lot of misunderstanding or uncertainty, even from teachers, about what it really means. Do you believe the award also works as an education and knowledge tool?

Our intention is to show this audience that entrepreneurship goes beyond just opening up a business and that when they do something different and have some experience with students, it can be an entrepreneurial practice. From the moment he works the socio-emotional skills, the teacher encourages teamwork, persistence, goal setting, creativity, bringing the entrepreneurial mindset into the classroom. This is an education that instigates the dream, very different from the format, say old, focused only on the transmission of knowledge. The idea is for the teacher to be able to encourage the student to dream and to make his dream come true. Regardless of whether he starts a business, the important thing is to prepare for life. When we talk about entrepreneurial education at Sebrae, we are referring to preparing the student for life.

3 – Who are the experts that are part of the Judging Committee and how is the evaluation of the cases?

Prior to the Judging Committee, we have the evaluators, trained by Sebrae, to evaluate the reports according to the characteristics of entrepreneurial mindset, that is, the characteristics of Empretec. In addition to the evaluators, we have the state manager, who analyzes the cases and, finally, the panel of judges, formed by representatives of the MEC, partners of Sebrae, members of the S System, FNQ and experts in education.

4 – When we read the award evaluation criteria, we realize that innovation is not measured by the technology level or infrastructure that a school has. Right?

Certainly. What we seek to reward is entrepreneurial behavior and the object of learning aimed at this pedagogical practice. Innovation and entrepreneurship are not due to a computer or application that the school has.

5 – How do you evaluate the maturation of the entrepreneurial culture in the last five years since the Sebrae Entrepreneurial Education Program was created?

Long ago, practically only Sebrae talked about entrepreneurial education. Today we have made many advances. Last year, for example, we were able to include an entrepreneurial education category in the Teachers of Brazil Award. The need for entrepreneurial education is already maturing in the public power, in public policies. In relation to Sebrae, there is also a greater demand for teachers from far away places. In every state there are already schools interested in entrepreneurial education and more people wanting to study the subject.

In a country like ours, entrepreneurship is a necessity as more people will have to create their own jobs. We work with intrapreneurship, which is very important for those who will undertake within a company. We have seen that business by opportunity, and among young people, has grown more and more in Brazil.

Access the rules and learn more about the Sebrae Entrepreneurial Education Award at the awards website.


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