The journey of a young Brazilian along entrepreneurial education

Entrepreneurial education results go far beyond the classroom context. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset, based on competencies and skills such as autonomy, protagonism, decision making, empathy and leadership, enables students to meet the needs of the world around them, including those related to companies. This is why entrepreneurial education offers many tools for the student to succeed in the job market.

This is the case of Arnobio Morelix, a former student at Escola do Sebrae, who went through major research institutions and was awarded with the Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC 2019) award, considered as the “Oscar for Entrepreneurship”, in the category Research Champions.

In this post, learn more about Arnobio’s journey along entrepreneurial education and see how this educational approach helped him to think and do differently, standing out in his professional life.

Sebrae Management Training School: focus on entrepreneurial education

Arnobio graduated in 2008 at Sebrae Management Training School (EFG), an institution located in Belo Horizonte (MG) that combines high school with professional Administration course. Also present in seven other cities in Minas Gerais, this school focuses on training citizens who act actively and responsibly in society through entrepreneurial education, being able to propose and develop projects, lead and work in teams and present a critical view of the world. The school helps develop skills such as management, problem solving, public speaking, ideation and business modeling.

For this, EFG adopts a learn-by-doing methodology. Students develop entrepreneurial mindset by experiencing entrepreneurship projects at school and beyond, such as simulated companies, mentoring program (which connects students to entrepreneurs), supervised internships, social entrepreneurship initiatives. In addition, they participate in the Ativa program (which provides a scenario of opportunities for entrepreneurship) and other hands-on projects that stimulate the development of specific attitudes and behaviors.

According to Arnobio, the entrepreneurial education that he had was the key point for him to excel in the professional field. “For me, [the school] was amazing, because you start thinking differently, and that’s for the rest of your life. Sebrae opened up my mind a lot, made me think of different ideas and solutions, ”he said during an interview for the EFG website.

From Sebrae School to the Oscar of Entrepreneurship

Since graduating at Sebrae School, Arnobio Morelix has put into practice the skills he developed through entrepreneurial education, working in foreign companies and even founding one in Brazil. After graduation, he got an opportunity at the University of Kansas, USA, to support research and assist faculty in the area of ​​international finance. He later co-founded the PESSOA Social Entrepreneurship Institute in Brazil, to which he dedicated himself for four years. The institute taught entrepreneurship as a tool for social empowerment for vulnerable populations.

He then returned to the United States to work as a research analyst at the nonprofit Kauffman Foundation, which seeks to improve the quality of education and support entrepreneurs in Kansas. After nearly three years, he was hired as research director of startup Genome, an institution that promotes research, programs, and mentoring for and for startups, understanding that these companies are responsible for driving the economy of the countries and making it grow.

Recognition for the work came in April 2019, when Arnobio won the “Oscar for Entrepreneurship” award at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress, held in Bahrain in the Persian Gulf. Arnobio Morelix is ​​today a world reference in this type of ecosystem.

Through entrepreneurial education, students like Arnobio learn in practice to think differently and to become active individuals in the world, acting in search of social transformation and adapting well to the needs of the labor market. To learn more about entrepreneurial education, check out this post where experts point out 10 books to learn more about entrepreneurial education.

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