Understand the role of corporate universities in continuing education for professionals

The job market has never valued so much those who are willing to invest in continuing education. And it is not for no reason. In a context of constant changes brought by technology, it is essential to be qualified not to be left behind. Everyone should invest in constant learning, even those who are already in the job market. This is the reason many companies are investing on corporate universities.

The idea of this kind of institution is simple and strategic: to provide employees with a space for developing skills and knowledge to ensure that internal processes are carried out in the best possible way.

If you want to understand how corporate universities effectively work, how important they are to continuing education and how to create one, keep on reading!

What are and how do corporate universities work?

Generally speaking, corporate universities are institutions linked to big companies and aimed on the professional qualification of their employees regarding strategic themes to the corporation. In other words, their training are aligned with the organization’s specific interests and have the potential to help employees to be more efficient.

They differ from traditional universities precisely by providing tailored and even technical continuing education, designed to solve real daily situations. They are recognized by the Ministry of Education, but don’t offer official diplomas, only participation certificates.

Usually, corporate universities take advantage of distance education to provide training for the employees. The benefit of this strategy is to reach employees from multiple units by providing personalized guidance and ensuring everyone has the same opportunities. Universidade Corporativa Sebrae is an example. It was created in 2008 and currently has over 38,000 users.

Why are corporate universities relevant?

One of the main benefits of corporate universities is to foster a culture of continuing education among the employees. When a business invests in education and provides the means for its teams to follow up, there is a possibility that more and more people will be interested in learning new methods of working.

It is also through corporate universities that companies have the possibility to foster important values such as innovation, sustainability and relationship. It can be a promising result: teams that are highly capable of facing daily challenges, mindful and willing to find opportunities to improve processes and innovate at the workspace.

In addition, institutions like these can contribute to create a culture of collaboration. Through discussion forums, for example, employees from different locations can debate what they have learned, bringing examples of their reality to come up with refined solutions. There is also the possibility of bringing senior executives closer to their teams through special classes conducted by directors and other strategies.

How to create such an initiative in a company?

Though corporate universities may seem to fit only for big companies, it is possible to adopt corporate university precepts in business of all scales. In order to do this, it is essential that training and development team define, together with all other teams, which are the most strategic themes and processes that should be prioritized in a specific formation.

Another important step is to define the teaching methodology that will be used to provide training. A company can create its own distance learning platform or partner with educational institutions.

It is also essential to spread the news among the employees and encourage their participation. You should also have attractive trainings that engage students, so more and more people are interested.

Corporate universities must also be aware of education trends and the changes in the labor market demands. One of them is the profile of hybrid professionals, with high adaptability and flexibility skills.

Get to know more about it and the education role for training in here.

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